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Fitt Factory is a community where we all come together to get inspired, empowered, and Fitt! We offer a variety of programs to get fitt and stay fitt within the comfort of your own home. We welcome you to join us no matter where your story starts. We aim to set the bar and help you raise it with every Fitt workout.

We will strive to be a lead ambassador of the fitness world who instills confidence, knowledge, and direction to those seeking a healthy lifestyle. We will dedicate all of our energy daily to ensure that we assist each and every one of our members to be the best version of themselves. 

Your Fitt plan is based on your fitness and health goals. Find your Fitt here!

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Eatt Fitt

Over half the battle of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is what you feed your body. Use our Fitt 8 week nutrition plan customized by Fitt Yoga instructor, Karla Tafra, as your guide to both vegan and non-vegan meal options. Food is fuel and the foundation of a fitt plan. No more excuses, eat the fitt way now.