Meet Your Trainers

Sky Landish

Sky Landish lost 65lbs and went vegan by choosing to make fitness and health a priority in her life. Her motivation originally came from a bad break up, but, her dedication to keep going was channeled from within. She received a Bachelors in Psychology and understands just how big of a role the mind plays in everyone’s ability to start, then continue a health and fitness journey. Sky lived the journey you are trying to achieve, whether it’s just weight-loss, toning, a healthier diet or a combination of them all. She has a simple, yet effective approach to fitness, which involves simple strength techniques and cardio blasts so your mind tells you “I CAN do this.” This method helped her reach her ultimate goal and stay there all while continuously challenging her to challenge her Bad habits.

Nick Ralich

“Hey everyone, welcome to the Fitt Factory. My name is Nick Ralich and over the course of your journey. I’m going to help you get into the best shape of your life. I’ve been in the modeling/ fitness industry for the past 7 years and I’ve learned the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. My free week of HIIT workouts is designed to give you a taste of what that looks like. Whether you’re a beginner looking for basic workouts or an expert looking for something new to try, we have it all. I’m excited to help guide you through this journey so let’s get started!”

Ana Snyder

Hello! My name is Ana. I am a fitness coach and marketing specialist living in Manhattan, NY. I played a variety of sports growing up and became one of the top amateur bodybuilders after college. My favorite thing about working with people on their health goals is seeing how much it blesses their lives. Fitness makes you healthier physically and spiritually and having a hand in bringing that change to my clients is so rewarding. I have a masters degree in exercise physiology certifications in the following: NCSF Personal Trainer; NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist; Pre & Post Natal certified; Kettlebell certified

Addie Woost

Hey guys, I’m Addie! I am a 25-year-old singer-songwriter, body bodybuilder, and fitness model from Ohio. Despite going to school for music, I developed a love for bodybuilding. I have personally competed in 2 shows, and plan to continue on as a natural athlete until I achieve a pro card. I’m here to inspire fitness enthusiasts and those in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. My mantra is that fitness shouldn’t even be called “fitness,” but instead, just referred to as “health,” because it’s something we all need to embrace to live a long and active life. Taking control of my health has given me the confidence and stress management tools I never had before. I used to be the girl who laughed when friends would invite me to the gym…now I can’t wait to get in the gym every day. This is my journey. Now let’s start you on yours!

Karla Tafra

Certified yoga teacher, nutritionist, and an overall wellness coach with 10 years of international experience and a diverse portfolio of students, from professional athletes and dancers, to pregnant women and those with corporate – sedentary jobs. Karla enhances her clients’ performance by increasing their flexibility and mobility, speeding up their recovery, as well as improving their relationship with food. Her passion lies in helping others not only eat healthier meals but implement good eating habits, find a great relationship with food & achieve a balanced lifestyle.